Phucker in the Woods: Volume 0

It's the last day of school at St. Phucker High and life-long friends Ryukaze and Hiroshi are on best behavior to make a passing grade that they've failed to achieve for 20 consecutive years. During recess, they learn of the mysterious disappearance of Jin, elder brother of fellow student Shigeru. Ryukaze's natural curiosity and Hiroshi's will to impress teen idol Sakura leads them to assemble a party to venture to the sinister forest where Jin was last seen. Not all goes as planned, and the group find themselves hopelessly lost in an unfamiliar land. Only one question remains... Where is the Phucker in the Woods?


 Is not an installer.
 Make choices that influence plot and characters.
 Uncover the dark secrets of the students at St Phucker High.
Is in good taste.


Download 64 MB


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Simply innovative.


didn't played the whole gami
loikd dis veri much


I love this game!


thank you for your servants


what the actual heck

6 out of 5 stars


Please tell me there's an upcoming sequel. I need it in my life, senpai.

Salutations. The stars have aligned as there is a sequel in the works. Keep your eyes peeled the next week or so. Check @lazrool on twitter for updates.


There is

A work of ART.    May your lives be blessed, and full of sequels. 

Haruko #1 babe

This was very beautiful <3

Deleted 2 years ago

thanks dad